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DIY studio desk with keyboard tray

Welcome fellow music maker.

If you’re looking for PDF plans for a quality DIY studio desk with keyboard tray, then you’ve come to the right place.

I searched the internet for ages trying to find DIY plans for a good quality studio desk that incorporated a keyboard tray but couldn’t find anything that impressed me. What I saw was either too flimsy, too expensive to build, or just poorly designed.

So, I decided to design and build my own desk, as that way I could incorporate all of the features that I needed in a studio desk.

These features are:

1: A proper computer base unit housing (not just a shelf) with a quick-release, side access panel. This makes it super easy to get to the back of the computer and its cables. No more crawling under the desk with a torch trying to find a spare USB port. There’s more than enough room inside this part of the desk for all the cables and leads.

I have a multi (individually switched) extension lead screwed to the inside side panel, all of my hardware is then plugged into that.

This means there is just one lead coming from the desk, which plugs into the wall socket.

2: A flush-fit audio interface mounting system. Not only does this look great, it’s also very practical. All the knobs and inputs are easy to reach and because the audio interface is clamped in place, it doesn’t move when headphones or a guitar lead is connected. I like it!

3: The desk incorporates a really sturdy keyboard tray that has absolutely no movement to it when playing the keyboard or frantically finger drumming. You try doing that on a desk with a wobbly pull-out keyboard shelf.

The desktop section over the keyboard is fitted with two soft-close drawer runners. So, not only does the top glide effortlessly away from you when you need to play the keyboard; it also closes very smoothly – parking itself level with the rest of the desktop like magic. Well cool!

4: On the left-hand side of the desk is a very handy and generous three-tier drawer unit. Great for all those bits and bobs you wish you had a home for. The drawer unit is also fitted with soft-close drawer runners for that professional touch.

5: The desk has a large raised top section at the back for any other music gear you own or want to buy. This part of the desk also houses the LED strip lights for that “deck of the starship enterprise” look. Beam me up, Scotty!

6: Finally – the monitor stands, which seem to miraculously appear out of the desktop. Not only do the monitor stands look the part, their height and angle can be adjusted for the perfect listening experience. I was well pleased when I came up with this one!

Oh, I almost forgot. I put the desk on castors too. The desk can move around as easily as a shopping trolley – ideal for cleaning the floor or repositioning the studio desk, etc.


Size is everything!

Now, the size of the KOR desk (King of Rockets) looks quite modest in the pictures but don’t let this fool you. The studio desk has an impressive presence and generous proportions. It’s almost 2 metres wide by one metre deep.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got room for a studio desk this size, with a little bit of adjustment the desk can be customised to fit almost any size of studio/room and keyboard.


How much did the studio desk cost to build?

Well, because I designed the desk to be built from basic materials and easy to find off-the-shelf parts, it cost just under £450 (not including paint and varnish). Now I think that’s a great price for a studio desk of this quality. Yes I know, I would say that, wouldn’t I – but it really is!


Watch this video to see how the studio desk was built

Fully-Built Desks Now Available At – DawDesk.co.uk

Buy DIY studio desk plans PDF Download only £25


Once I built my KOR studio desk I decided that I wanted to share my design, so I have written a step-by-step, 92 page PDF build manual (which includes plenty of pictures and diagrams) for anyone who wants to build their own version of the KOR studio desk with keyboard tray. Obviously, some basic woodworking skills and tools are needed to build the desk. 

I’m offering the plans for £25.00. All I ask is that you agree to this purchase agreement before you click the buy now button. Go on, treat yourself, you’re worth it! 🙂

What happens when you click the PayPal button?

You’ll be taken to the Paypal checkout page. Once you’ve completed the process, a confirmation email containing a link to the KOR studio desk build manual download area will be sent to your inbox. lf for some reason you don’t receive the confirmation email, (sometimes s**t happens right?) then check your spam folder, if the email isn’t there, let me know so I can fix the problem ASAP. 

Conditions of Purchase Agreement

The purchaser is granted permission to use the KOR Studio Desk TM build manual to build a KOR Studio Desk TM for their own home or business use, only.

The purchaser agrees not to use the information contained within this build manual for commercial purposes, e.g. building a KOR Studio Desk TM for monetary gain/profit in any way whatsoever.

The purchaser agrees not to copy, share, sell, or redistribute any of the information contained within this build manual, to anyone else, in any format, at any time. By purchasing the KOR Studio Desk TM build manual, the purchaser has agreed to these terms.